Welcome and thank you for visiting our site! Paola has 5 years of experience in all things book publicity and outreach. This has given her a unique eye to help shape a standout book publicity campaign so your book reachers the right readers.

Book promoA set of images or videos that highlight your book, quotes, aesthetic, etc.$120 USDExample of image set
Example of aesthetic reel
Cover revealA one day event to bring your book all the attention it deserves based on its stunning cover alone.$30 USDBlog reveal
Instagram reveal
InterviewAn exclusive written interview with us to discuss your book, your writing process, etc. $130 USDBlog interview
YouTube interview
Instagram promo
Book launchA one day event to celebrate your book birthday! This consists of a live or recorded event on Instagram. $140 USDInstagram live launch
Reader launch
Influencer tourA 5 day long tour where 10-15 book influencers features reviews, notable quotes and other creative content on their social media outlets about your book. $140 USDBlog page
Instagram assets
Twitter thread


  • All examples are either mock images or services from Paola’s personal social media before the creation of Noveltindie.
  • Packages are available if you’d like a combination of our services.
  • Prices are 100% negotiable.
  • We can only accept payment via PayPal, Payoneer or Ko-fi.


Paola at Noveltindie was a pleasure to work with in preparing for the release of my indie novella! Her knowledge of the book community, and her respect for authors and the book writing process, was evident in the questions she asked during our interview and the comfort and ease I felt chatting with her. I look forward to working with her and Noveltindie again in the future!  

Liana de la Rosa, author of On A Midsummer Night

Paola was a joy to work with! She has a wonderful eye for design and small details. I appreciated the care, attention, and time she gave my book. Definitely recommend collaborating with her.

Deanna Grey, author of Sunny Disposition

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