An interview with Deanna Grey, author of Sunny Disposition

Today Noveltindie welcomes romance author, Deanna Grey to chat about her newest release, Sunny Disposition!

Sunny Disposition


I can’t understand why – out of the four hockey players I’m sharing a house with this semester – Finn Howard’s the one who catches my eye.

The guy never smiles. He doesn’t say much and disapproves plenty.

But, something about him feels familiar. Something about him feels safe.

I’m not falling for Finn, I’m just curious. Could I make him smile? It wouldn’t hurt to try. I love a good challenge. And who knows, maybe it’ll distract me from pining over a guy I meet online.


I don’t get nervous unless I’m on the ice. So why does my chest feel tight whenever Naomi Lewis looks in my direction?

She’s witty, kind, and happy. How is someone that happy all the time?

If her sunny disposition isn’t enough to distract me, the fact that her voice sounds exactly like the streamer I anonymously moderate for will.

If Naomi is her, she’s in for a huge disappointment. I’m not the guy she thinks I am…not anymore, at least. And for that reason alone, I should stay away from her. I should stop trying to get closer. I should stop wanting her because she fell for someone else. Someone I will never be again.

Sunny Disposition is a slow burn, hidden identity romance featuring a grumpy, amnesic hockey player and sunshine cozy game streamer.

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1. If you could describe Naomi and Finn in 3 words each, what would those be?

Naomi – excitable, energetic, friendly.

Finn – quiet, aloof, thoughtful.

2. I loved the dynamic that MidQuest and Chai had online and the exploration of what almost was! What made you want to flip that on its head? What were the challenges that came up with that?

I really liked the idea of writing about missed opportunities. Most times, meet-cutes don’t happen like we think they will in real life. Accidents happen, plans change, and sometimes, people aren’t who you were expecting them to be. It’s sad but also a big part of life. 

I think the hardest part was letting go of who I wanted MidQuest/Finn to be. Originally, he was going to find his way back to his take charge kind of self. But, halfway through the story, I realized that personality trait didn’t fit him anymore.

3. You’ve written a few college sports romances, what’s the key to keeping it fresh and exciting as a writer?

Definitely the characters! Sports allow for a great launch point for character exploration. For example, some of my characters don’t enjoy being athletes but do it because they feel like it’s the only career option they’ll have. Others commit themselves fully, getting so wrapped up in a sport that they don’t know who they are without it. None of my characters have the same relationship with sports and it’s always interesting exploring how that impacts their lives.

4. What’s one trope you haven’t written that you’d love to try?

When a character pretends to be in a relationship with someone they’ve made up and that fictional person actually shows up. I’ve mostly seen this trope in historical romance, so I’m not sure how I’d make it work in a contemporary. But, I’m definitely going to try because I love the awkwardness and angst that comes with it. 

5. Tell us about your upcoming projects!

I’m currently working on the third book in my Westbrooke Angels series. This book follows a couple who are always bickering but also always showing up for one another. It’s been fun writing about characters who are frenemies. 

And I’m just about done with the follow-up to Sunny Disposition. Samson and Aderyn are the MCs of this one. They’re both hardcore hockey captains who decide to enter a friends with benefits type of relationship. 

6. Let’s pay it forward! What are some indie authors/ books you’d like to recommend? 

Georgina Kiersten’s Fall into You (it has such a cozy vibe), Anything by Regine Abel (her alien/paranormal romances are always a fun ride), Tinia Montford’s It Started with a List (adorable new adult rom-com), and Tasha L. Harrison’s If She Says Yes… (my favorite steamy, forbidden romance)

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Deanna’s bio

Deanna Grey is an author who adores pining heroes, high-heat scenes, and happily ever afters. When she’s not struggling to get her characters to cooperate with her deadlines, you’ll find her re-watching Star Trek: TNG, romancing Solas in Dragon Age, or obsessing over her latest knitting project.

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